Yves-Alexandre Comeau

Director of Corporate Communications

Tesla RP

Published on 18/10/20

Yves-Alexandre Comeau leads Tesla RP’s corporate communications practice. He regularly supports corporate executives in the design and implementation of public activities as well as in issue management. Over the past few years, he has consulted and intervened regarding several public issues of national and international scope, including the longshoremen’s strike at the Port of Montreal, the legalization of cannabis, the opioid crisis, the suicide crisis in Indigenous communities, and the SNC-Lavalin crisis.

Academic background

Yves-Alexandre attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and studied Finance and Public Affairs at Concordia University

Industry involvement

As a member of several business associations, Yves-Alexandre Comeau has contributed to a number of initiatives aimed at promoting the place of women and diverse professionals in business.

Community involvement

Yves-Alexandre sits on the Board of Directors of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and previously served on the Board of Directors of the community organization Pour 3 Points. He has regularly contributed to the planning of Centraide corporate campaigns and participated in numerous fundraisers for causes he holds dear. He was involved in the last two federal elections as a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada.

A word that defines you



“ Get out of your comfort zone and learn early to tackle difficult conversations head-on. I suggest you concentrate on your personal development just as much as on your career. Travel to experience cultural shocks. These experiences can often be more formative than some academic teachings.”