Rose Lyndsay Daudier

Executive Director

Youth Fusion and Robotics FIRST Québec

Published on 18/10/20

Rose Lyndsay Daudier is the Executive Director at Youth Fusion and Robotics FIRST Québec, two charitable organizations whose mission is to contribute to school perseverance, employability and civic engagement. The organization integrates innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between the school and the community.

Rose Lyndsay works to maximize collaborations that will increase the social impact landscape. As an engaged intratrepreneur, she aims to establish links between initiatives and to magnify their impact. She brings together entrepreneurs, citizens, academics, technology experts, and any relevant player or community, to remove the barriers between an idea, its impact and its implementation.

Academic background

– Urban Planning, B. Sc. A (UQAM)
– Law, LL.B (UdM)
– Project Management  (HEC)

Implications dans l’industrie et dans la communauté 

Rose Lyndsay Daudier is also very involved in the industry and the community – currently on maternity leave:

2020 – …  Member of the McCall MacBain scholarship selection committee at McGill University
2019 – …  
Vice-Presidente Committee Governance Citizen Engagement – BMO
2019 – …   Mentor (Integration) Montreal Office for the Integration of Newcomers – City of Montreal
2018 – …   Board Member – Fondation KANPE
2018 – …   Member Attractiveness Council of the Greater Montréal – Montréal International
2017 – …   Cofoundor and mentor – Repenser l’école (innovation in education)
2016 – …   Wisdom Committee – Institut des générations
2018/2020 Member Conseil de l’Ordre – Conseil de l’Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec
2016/2019 Board President – La Pépinière |Espaces collectifs
2016/2019 Member – Conseil des Montréalaises
2017/2019 Board Member – Théâtre des 2 Mondes
2017/2019  Board Member and Co-President Cultural Citizenship Commission – Culture Montréal
Mars 2018  Célébrer le succès Ambassador “Innovation” – Journal Les Affaires
2018           Honorary Committee, Benefit Shows – Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui
2017/2018  Member of the Jury – Place des Montréalaises, Ville de Montréal
2017           Member of the programming committee Tribu18 – Institut du nouveau monde
2017           Vanguards (selection of the 40 best global urban innovators) – Next City
2017           Laureate « Social Engagement » Mois de l’histoire des Noirs
2016/2017  Member Strategic Committee Vital Signs – Fondation du Grand Montréal
2011/2012  Vice-Presidente – Jeune Chambre de Commerce Haïtienne
2010/2012  Member (expert) – Comité consultatif d’urbanisme de l’Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest
2007/2012  Production Team Montréal, UNESCO City of design
2007/2012  Member – Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO – Sectoral commission for natural and social sciences – Canada Council for the Arts

A word that defines you



“ What defines you isn’t what you do, it’s who you are. Take the time you need to get to know yourself and most importantly, to accept yourself for who you are. Take your rightful place in society. Continue to nourish your mind, your soul with new learnings. Be creative and inspirational” 

As Rosa Park used to say

“Each person must live their life as a model for others.”