Nicolas Cadet, MD,CM, FRCSC

Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon – Surgeon of the Eyes and Eyelids

Published on 18/10/20

Nicolas Cadet grew up on the South Shore of Montreal. From a young age, his mother Dr. Sylvie Cadet (family physician of Quebecer origin) and his father Pastor Jean Robespierre Cadet (Seventh-Day Adventist church pastor of Haitian origin) taught him the importance of community service and of the promotion of holistic health from a young age.

Hence, Dr. Cadet finds great satisfaction in caring for his patients and in giving back to his community through activism and philanthropy. Through the new Cadet Foundation, Dr. Cadet and his wife Dr. Ji Wei Yang, endocrinologist at the MUHC, endeavour to improve the quality of life of people in their community locally and internationally (with a special focus on Haiti) through holistic healthcare initiatives.

Academic background

– Medical school at McGill University
– Residency in ophthalmology (eye surgery) at University of Montreal
– Fellowship in oculoplastic surgery (surgery of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal system) at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Yasser Khan

Industry involvement 

Dr. Cadet is the first and only ophthalmologist of African descent who is subspecialized in oculoplastic surgery in Canada. Dr. Cadet practices ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery at Verdun Hospital as well as aesthetic medicine and surgery in reputable clinics in Montreal and on the South Shore. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and he presents regularly at national and international conferences.

Dr. Cadet has a great interest for aesthetic medicine and surgery in all its diversity and variety. He endeavors to make aesthetic medicine and surgery more inclusive considering the multiple models of beauty that ethnic diversity grace us with in our multicultural communities in Quebec and Canada.

Dr. Cadet is meticulous, attentive to his patients’ needs and innovative. He adopts a holistic and refreshing approach when he creates an individualized treatment plan for each of his patients. No two surgeries or sculpting injections that he does for a client are truly the same because everyone is different; he will tailor a surgical plan just for you. Dr. Cadet takes the time to listen to his patients to better understand their aesthetic objectives in order to better attain them. When Dr. Cadet rejuvenates your eyelids and your face, he is treating all of you and that it why he likes it when his patients share their dreams and challenges with him.

You can trust Dr. Cadet to help your natural beauty to shine. After all, you are a sight of beauty! ™

Community involvement

Dr. Cadet believes in the importance of activism, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and better access to healthcare for the empowerment of our communities of color. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Cadet founded the Alliance of Black Healthcare Professionals of Canada (ABHPC). Its membership nearing 1000 Black healthcare professionals nationwide endeavour to find solutions to the inequalities and challenges that Black professionals and our communities face with regards to healthcare in Canada.

Dr. Cadet founded the UdeM Haiti Glaucoma Group (UHGG) in 2014 and Oculoplastics Without Limits (OWL) in 2017. Dr Cadet and his team have organized 4 medical missions in Haiti and 6 free annual ocular health screenings in Montreal-North since 2014. Over time, Dr. Cadet has participated in numerous medical missions on 3 continents.

In that same breath, Dr. Cadet founded a medical startup whose objective is enhance the holistic healthcare experience of our communities, with a special attention to marginalized groups. To achieve this, he collaborates with multicultural and multidisciplinary leaders in Canada and internationally.

A word that defines you



« My motto is: to love, serve and empower people. I encourage you to find your own motto and to live by it. By doing so, you will have a positive impact on many lives, starting with yours.»