Martine St-Victor

Founder and Communication strategist

Milagro Public Relations Atelier

Published on 18/10/20

Martine is a communication strategist. She heads Milagro Atelier de Relations Publiqueswhich she founded over 15 years ago. She chronicles on Radio-Canada, on the CBC and on RDI. She also co-hosts and co-produces “Seat At The Table”, on CBC Podcasts. On occasion, she signs opinion pieces in La Presse and in the Montreal Gazette.

Martine sits as a Trustee on the Boards of Séquences magazine, the Sun Youth Foundation, the KANPE Foundation as well as on the Board of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, in addition to being Chair of its Communications Advisory Committee. Martine is the Diversity and Inclusion emissary for the Start-Up Festival and a member of the Black Opportunity Fund.

She founded Je Love Haïti Apparel Atelier and is its Creative Director.


“ The next generation matters. I believe in that generation just like I believe in its flair and in its social commitment. It’s a generation that has inherited the consequences of different levels of unconsciousness, thus it has many things to fix and rebuild. Good thing Québec is a nation of builders. 


One word? Onward.