Published on 01/07/18

3rd EDITION – 2020

October 2020, Montreal

At the crossroads

As humanity, we are at a crossroads. It is not the first time, but this time the global stakes are high. The twenties as a decade has inherited from its predecessor the important “MeToo” movement. All across the world, the power dynamic between men and women, the essential components of our human race, has been put in question. This same decade is currently affected by a health pandemic which has frightened individuals and struck societies at all levels. The whole planet ceased the multitude of its movements; be it economic, social or cultural. Never have we seen such a shutdown in our lifetime. Try yourself at the lightning link slot free play.

As if 2020 wasn’t already charged enough, systemic racism manifested itself again with the erosion of rights, freedoms, decency and life. Certainly the BlackLivesMatter movement has been a strong response, however the slogans carried in the hearts of millions and painted on our streets need to be met with unprecedented political, legislative and legal action, accompanied by broad and robust action plans demanding accountability. What has been built over centuries will not come crashing down without pain and without massive investments. These investments must eventually destroy the deep cognitive biases, the nauseating historical interpretations, the ignorance that blinds and fuels the flames of violence and crimes against humanity.

At Excellence Québec, we believe that the year 2020 constitutes a crossroads for all Afro descendants wherever they may be in the world. Their mobilization must be global, their demands must be escalated to the highest levels. It will be hard but as they say; game on.

No more hollow slogans. It is justice and equality that we must achieve. Nothing less. This crossroads must challenge all economic, social and cultural players. What do we want? Do we want the status quo, for our children to live in fear? For all of us to live in fear? We must strive to achieve a real release from this historic quagmire of systemic racism. In this 3rd edition, we are particularly proud to present 22 Quebecers of great talent, builders and perseverers. They join our 22 laureates from the 2 previous cohorts who continue to build, advance and amaze their organizations and the communities they serve. Quebec and Canada are enriched by them, and we hope, systemic racism will be shattered by them. To freedom and equality, we allow ourselves to add dignity.

Welcome to Excellence-Québec.
Good luck to you all.

In memory of our more than 5,800 seniors and fellow Quebecers who we lost from the COVID-19 pandemic, of the 9,200 Canadians who died from this same virus as of September 20, 2020.


  1. Aliénor Armand-Linot Senior Manager Natural Resources, PSP Investments
  2. Bamba Sissoko VP Information System Transat
  3. Carlyle Emile Vice-president Human Resources Ivanhoé Cambridge
  4. Didier Boucard Former Vice-President Data Governance Morgan Stanley
  5. Iya Touré Vice President, Resources Quebec Investissement Quebec Finance
  6. Isabelle Adjahi Former Senior Vice-president Investors Relations & Communications WSP Communications
  7. Jean Robert Elie Actuary and office manager Willis Towers Watson, Montreal
  8. Jerry Mesidor Prive CPA-CMA Pl Fin RBC Wealth Management
  9. Mylène Tassy Vice-President, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Thales Canada Avionics
  10. Marie-Jacqueline Saint-Fleur Chief Financial Officer CMC Électronique Inc.
  11. Nadia Djadjo Director of Compliance Department Advanced Bank of Asia (ABA) – Cambodia A division of the National Bank of Canada
  12. Nathalie Seïde Senior Advisor, Marketing Strategies Investment Solutions and Life and Health Insurance
  13. Oumar Diallo Director, Fintech and Innovation Financial Markets Authority (AMF)
  14. Vanessa Cherenfant Director of Strategy Operations Cogia
  15. Yves-Alexandre Comeau Director Corporate Communications Tesla RP


  1. Cadleen Désir President and Founder Déclic
  2. Carla Beauvais Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Gala Dynastie, Orijin Marketing
  3. Fabienne Colas Actress, Filmmaker, Producer, Entrepreneur – President & Founder of the Fabienne Colas Foundation, the Montréal, Toronto & Halifax Black Film Festivals, and the Festival Festival Haiti en Folie
  4. Martine St-Victor Communications strategist, Founder of Milagro Atelier de Relations Publiques.
  5. Mireille Mpere Co-founder and designer Zympala
  6. Nicolas Cadet MD, CM, FRCSC Ophthalmologist and Oculoplasticist Eye surgeon and eyelid surgeon Verdun Hospital
  7. Rose Lyndsay Daudier Executive Director of Youth Fusion and Robotics FIRST Québec

Paul Desmarais III,


I am happy to be supporting the launch of the third cohort of Excellence Québec, a unique initiative launched in 2016 by co-founders Madeleine Féquière and Ben-Marc Diendéré. I became involved with Excellence Quebec because I recognize the importance of fostering diversity the business community.  At Sagard, we are committed to developing diverse talent throughout our ecosystem.  We must all work together to promote diversity and inclusion, and Excellence Quebec plays a key role in this important initiative.  I am proud to take part.

This latest cohort has a direct impact on our economy, and features the richness of administrative and entrepreneurial diversity in Quebec. Their engagement at all levels stimulates creativity, collaboration, and excellence.

I would like to warmly welcome all the members of the 2020 Cohort, and wish them success for the third edition of the program.  Your determination, engagement, and achievements make you all true models of Quebec success.



CEO and Executive Chairman, Sagard Holdings

2nd EDITION – 2018

July 2018, Montreal

Discover the Quebecers changing the face of business and their community.

July 2018, Montreal – For a second year, Excellence aims to inspire the next generation by presenting a cohort of women and men in top management positions, who are also part of a visible minority. More than ever, it is important to highlight diversity and inclusion, embracing those who have found success and who inspire others to follow in their footsteps. These business leaders shed light on the issues their diverse communities face, serving on numerous boards, they are involved in Quebec’s development in education, Management, Health, Tech, Lawyer, Finance, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Media & Digital, new technologies and more.

The second cohort, a who’s who of business leaders.

    1. Mary-Anne Carignan, President Purkinje Inc.
    2. Byron Peart Travelers of the World Former founder of Want Les Essentiels
    3. Dexter Peart Travelers of the World Former Founders of Want Les Essentiels
    4. Beverly Salomon, Pharmacist and Owner Jean Coutu
    5. Elise Schroeter, Executive Director Willis Towers Watson
    6. Thierry Lindor, President and Founder Le Griffintown – REMAX
    7. Karine Martin, President Mediabiz International
    8. Karine Joizil, Lawyer, Partner LAVERY
    9. Patricia Fourcand, Lawyer, Partner Miller Thomson
    10. Ruben Antoine, Portfolio Manager Tulett, Matthews and Associates Inc.

* This ranking is obviously not exhaustive, and in no particular order.

About Excellence

Excellence is an initiative created by Madeleine Fequiere (Chief credit Officer Domtar) and Ben Marc Diendere (Senior vice-president, Communications, Public affairs and Brand Management La Coop fédérée; The first cohort was launched in December 2016; Excellence has been launched, in order to inspire the youngest and facilitate human resources research at the private and public levels. All the creativity of Excellence has been pinned by CURIOUS Montréal, an agency specialized in the creation of multiplatform content.

1st EDITION – 2016

December 2016, Montreal

Discover these Quebecois who Change the Face of Business.

December 12th, 2016, Montreal – Women and men in top management positions, who are also part of a visible minority, are launching today the campaign « Excellence » through a video featuring its first cohort. Excellence recognize all other initiatives that promote diversity and strengthen the economic capacity of visible minorities.

In Quebec, black community has 250,000 members, representing about 2.5% of the Quebec population. About 50% of this population was born abroad. Of these great travelers, some leaders stand out for their extraordinary ability to adapt and for their exceptional skills that makes them exceptionals for the province’s business.

In the Greater Montréal, 22.5% of the population comes from visible minorities and 5.9% of them are in top management positions. For women from visible minorities, they represent 11.5% of Montreal’s population and occupy 1.9% of top management positions.

These women and men are at the head of companies whose turnover sometimes represents billions of dollars. From a variety of backgrounds, these entrepreneurs and visionaries are contributing to the evolution of our socio-economic landscape. Serving on numerous boards, these business leaders are also involved in Québec’s development in education, health, arts and culture, new technologies and more. To discover these Quebec models is to discover a whole world of excellence.

In this first cohort, a few faces stand out.

  1. Amina Gerba, President, CEO and Founder, Afrique Expansion Inc and Kariliss Laboratoires Inc.
  2. Madeleine Féquière, Director and Credit chief enterprise at Domtar
  3. Vickie Joseph, Designer Nu.i by Vickie. Reno-Metrix and entrepreneur
  4. Fidèle Toghoua, Strategic advisor and President, Tangolf
  5. François De Paul Nkombou, Vice-President, Internal Audit and Risk Management for CANAM Group
  6. Frantz Saintellemy, Vice-president and general director of Automotive and Industrial- Integrated Device Technology, Inc. division, and Founder of Groupe 3737
  7. Stéphane Brutus, Interim Deam of Business School John-Molson
  8. Wils Theagene, Co-Founder, STRACCEL
  9. Ben-Marc Diendéré, Senior vice president Communications, Public relations, Brand management, La Coop fédérée

* This ranking is obviously not exhaustive, other personalities could also have been a great choice, and the order you see may also vary.