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standard costing systems

You’ll often find that manufacturers with stable, well-established processes and inventory levels tend to use Standard Costing more often than others. Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice because it can provide the best control of costs as well as financial stability. Basic standards are long-term standards and they remain the same after being computed for the first time. They are projections that are rarely revised or updated to reflect changes in products, prices, and methods. Classification or grouping of accounts is essential for standard costing. Standard cost is used to measure the efficiency of future production or future operations. For this reason, it provides a useful basis for cost control.

standard costing systems

With standard costing, the general ledger accounts for inventories and the cost of goods sold contain the standard costs of the inputs that should have been used to make the actual good output. Differences between the actual costs and the standard costs will appear as variances, which can be investigated. Assume, for example, that in a production center, actual direct materials costs of $ 52,015 exceeded standard costs by $ 6,015. Knowing that actual direct materials costs exceeded standard costs by $ 6,015 is more useful than merely knowing the actual direct materials costs amounted to $ 52,015. Now the firm can investigate the cause of the excess of actual costs over standard costs and take action. Thus, variances are based on either changes in cost from the expected amount, or changes in the quantity from the expected amount.

Lower Production Costs

These should add up to the standard cost of your product and match the cost of goods sold in your financial statement. Below that level, you essentially lose cash making this product with absolutely no profit or any help paying down your fixed indirect costs below your COGS in your financial statement. Even businesses that haven’t adopted a complete standard costing system usually have some sort of materials standard. The materials quantity standard is the amount of a material that should be used when making one unit of product. Often this is determined by examining the specification or « build sheet » for the product being made.

standard costing systems

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Having set the standards for direct materials, direct labor and overhead costs it is the possible to calculate the variances. The variances are the differences that arise between the set standard cost and the actual cost incurred . In standard costing, two variances are mainly considered and they are the price and quantity variances.


The standard cost is an expected amount paid for materials costs or labor rates. The standard quantity is the expected usage amount of materials or labor. A standard cost may be determined by past history or industry norms. The company can then compare the standard costing systems standard costs against its actual results to measure its efficiency. Sometimes when comparing standard costs against actual results, there is a difference. The materials quantity variance is recorded when direct materials are requested by production.

Why Standard Costing systems are adopted?

Why are standard cost systems adopted? They are adopted to improve planning and control and to facilitate product costing. By comparing actual outcomes with standards and breaking the variances into price and quantity components, detailed feedback is provided to managers.

Through the deployment of lean practices and methods, inventory will be reduced. It also essentially enabled managers to ignore the fixed costs, and look at the results of each period in relation to the « standard cost » for any given product. Another change that has arisen in the modern world is that products have shorter lifecycles. Due to changes in consumer tastes and new technologies, most products become obsolete after a very short time in the market. Products such as personal computers and mobile phones are a very good example of products that change continuously in the market.

Variable Overhead Standards

This can lead to some problems with staff, as often the production process, including how labor is used, is reassessed when unfavorable variances arise. Staff may feel their performance is being questioned, when it’s possible that the estimates may have been too low in the first place, and that the line already runs efficiently. When standard costing was first introduced, we lacked the computing power to perform the calculations and store the data required. The system once served a valuable purpose, and the cost for providing reasonable cost and profitability estimates were decent in a world of limited alternatives. Remember that standard Costs are like forecasts; no matter how hard you try, the cost you come up with will be wrong no matter how much effort you put into it.

Standard costing is used to produce the P&L for each period. If everything is completed correctly from a month-end task list perspective, the results will be reasonably correct. Work with plant teams to bake in cost reductions and efficiency gains into already calculated rates. Stopping by the shop floor to ask other managers and supervisors about possible reasons higher-than-expected costs incurred. Sometimes variances were accepted as the new norm and standards would be updated to minimize variances . Adjustments to standards became more frequent to the point where standards were adjusted to avoid negative commentary.

Accurate Budgets

Identify distinctions or differences between budgets and standards. The balances in the variance accounts are usually closed to the cost of goods sold account, particularly when the amounts are small. Alternatively, the balances in the variance accounts may be allocated to the appropriate inventory accounts and the cost of goods sold account. Another way of computing the direct materials variance is using formulas. For the month of October, the company produced 13,300 sets of bases.

  • Costs that are incurred after manufacturing are those for marketing of the product (Kaplan & Bruns, 1987).
  • Differences between the actual costs and the standard costs will appear as variances, which can be investigated.
  • It’s a branch of cost accounting that’s used by a manufacturer, for example, to plan their costs for the coming year on various expenses such as direct material, direct labor or overhead.
  • It’s better to spend your valuable time implementing process improvements that add value to your products and get them to your customers on time.

Finance spends considerable effort with each business function to re-estimate the cost of producing a product. The process continues as the WIP is transferred to the FG accounts and sellable product is produced. Business leaders must take a pause and really assess whether a standard cost system is producing accurate results and delivering what they need when they need, and how they need it. Simplifies and speeds up the recording process, especially when actual cost data are not readily available. Though not perfect, established standards set the acceptable amount of cost to be spent. The cost system for external reporting does not, however, give managers relevant performance measurement and product cost information.

Disadvantages Of Standard Cost System

No single system can adequately answer the demands made by the diverse functions of cost systems. While companies can use one method to capture all their detailed transactions data, the processing of this information for diverse purposes and audiences demands separate, customized development.

standard costing systems

Accounting must lead the company through the process of eliminating standard costing in business decision making. This may take some time depending on how ingrained standard costing information is in your company’s decision making process. Decision makers must learn how to use new information to evaluate business decisions. In one of my clients, the accounting team worked with operations to project the financial impact of inventory reduction over time using estimated improvement in days of inventory. After calculating this estimate, accounting converted the improvement of days of inventory into the dollar value of inventory reduction flowing through the income statement. This helped senior leaders understand the difference between operating profit and reported profit.

When a dollar amount is assigned to labor, materials and manufacturing overhead, the budget can be completed. Business schools have been promoting standard cost as the best way to control manufacturing inputs and costs since the time of Henry Ford and Taylorism. As a result, many top financial executives are influenced by these authority figures and firmly believe standard costing is a necessary, critical control system. Many professors lack the practical experience to understand what is possible and practical for manufacturers in a modern environment. Instead, they parrot what they read from textbooks back to students. Many companies routinely allocate costs to a cost center, even when the center has little or no control over them.

After several years of bickering, the company overhauled the new system to recapture the old system’s output. One chemical company’s system did a good job of estimating full product costs but could not be used for cost control.

Establishment Of A Standard Costing System

Reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve your company’s bottom line. Of course, an argument for expanding the number of cost systems conflicts with a strongly ingrained financial culture to have only one measurement system for everyone. Eventually, designers may be smart enough to create such a system, but we don’t have one today. Any time accepted wisdom is overthrown, the world suddenly looks far more complex. When scientists declared a war on cancer more than a decade ago, for example, they thought they would need specialized cures for the hundreds of different forms of the disease. But over time and after extensive experimentation, they have begun to develop unifying theories that offer hope for more general treatments and cures.

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As sales estimates, capital budgets, or procurement prices are updated and changed; the entire process will need to be repeated. Facilitate process to obtain purchasing prices for all components- complete and share analysis of actual vs. std. Standard costing is typically an annual process that involves assigning « set » predetermined costs to inventory items for valuation. Supports management by objectives and management by exception. Management by objective is an approach where a manager and his or her subordinates are evaluated based on achievement of set goals.

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Companies in the modern market have to balance between cost and quality. Diversification of products has become a necessity but producing products that are expensive may adversely affect the company. Production of diverse products means that different expenditures will be encountered thus limiting the use of standard costing. This was the first time that the U.S. had a negative balance and this has continued to vary since then.

What is standard costing What are the objectives of standard costing?

The objective of the standard costing and budgeting is to achieve maximum efficiency and cost control. Under both the systems actual performance is compared with predetermined standards, deviations, if any, are analysed and reported.

However, today, many managers are still evaluated on their labor efficiencies, and many downsizing, rightsizing, and other labor reduction campaigns are based on them. The challenge with this method, however, is that it can be difficult to put into place and requires more overhead .

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