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how to sell on hitbtc

Reserve of a certain amount of your assets follows after the creation of limit order and the order appears in the order book. Let’s see what is the difference between takers and makers.

how to sell on hitbtc

Radar Relay is a simple tool that adds seeking power to your existing wallet. Trade cryptocurrency without ever creating an account or trusting anyone to hold your funds. Therefore, we ask that HitBTC solve this issue as soon as possible to allow LIFE traders to resume their trading, increasing liquidity and volume while generating more revenue to the exchange. Please note this article is composed to provide our clients with the general information on how to use HitBTC services in order to buy or sell CPAY tokens.

Hitbtc Valuation & Funding

Next, you will need to enter your email address, and then choose a very strong password. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to move onto the next stage. 68% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. All these opportunities together with the security measures I’ve mentioned make HitBTC trading experience rather a safe one. This kind of order is a limit order for a determined price.

HitBTC gets a mixed of positive and negative reviews online. Fees can vary from 0.25% to -0.01% for extremely large orders . Some users have even started a petition against the low-level service HitBTC is supplying.

What is HitBTC account?

HitBTC is the most advanced Bitcoin exchange

2-factor authentication, advanced encryption technology, cold storage – we give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

This is ideal if you know the price at which you are willing to trade. When you create this order, the funds are reserved in your account and you can view them; they also appear in the order book. Once the coins are in your account, it is time to set up the order. Go to your trading screen by clicking “Exchange” and choose your trading pair from the “Instruments” section. A Rebate is a what is hitbtc reward that HitBTC pays to the « maker » for providing liquidity to a market while charging customers who take that liquidity. In other words, if a trade outside of the immediate market price is matched, we may incentivize the traders who placed the order. HitBTC employs the “maker-taker” model with the purpose of maximizing liquidity and narrowing the spread on cryptocurrency markets.

How To Open An Account At Hitbtc And Trade?

Aside from trading volume, it contains information like exchange rate, changes in the latest market price, offer to buy or sell, trading volume for 24 hours, and several more. HitBTC exchange offers a Demo platform to try and trade cryptocurrencies for users who are beginners. To experience the demo trading, users can register themselves and access it.

how to sell on hitbtc

I have decided to avoid Hitbtc at least for the time being. I can confidently say that no exchange even comes close to HITBTC in terms of security, and community initiatives. We are climbing another mountain which has a higher top, people would love to enjoy the journey….giving them better experience throughout delivering quality of service is a win win, no doubts. The HitBTC lovers are not blind and do see that the exchange is losing its volume. For example, yesterday I successfully withdrew my NXT.

Socket Api Reference

HitBTC offers a rebate program for their market makers; market makers provide the exchange with high liquidity where they get a rebate of 0.01%. If they reach tier 8, like if they trade 50,000 Bitcoin a month or more, HitBTC will pay the user a rebate of -0.01% for every completed trade. If the trader liquidates a trade position for reaching the liquidation price, HitBTC charges a liquidation fee of 0.5% of the position value in the quoted currency. HitBTC has Over The Counter trading services for high-volume traders.

Can you trade on FTX in us?

FTX does not allow residents of the United States of America to trade on its platform.

The exchange forces no limits over the deposit and withdrawal amounts. Traders are provided with numerous graphs to be aware of the current situation on the market. HitBTC official blog has a growing array of articles dedicated to trading and cryptocurrencies. These articles can help you to understand how to use HitBTC better. It also has a lot of useful tips on cryptocurrency trading in general. I’d like to begin this review with some basic facts about HitBTC. The exchange was founded in 2013 which makes it one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

Beginners Guide To Hitbtc: Complete Review

When such things take place, many users begin to question the exchange’s intentions and publish negative reviews on numerous websites and social media. These delays in fixing tech problems may harm the people’s trust in the company and worsen the trading experience. Another trading feature available on HitBTC is OTC trading or “over the counter” trading, which means high-volume trading that doesn’t show up in the order books.

The system’s core matching engine has innovative features, including advanced order matching algorithms and real-time clearing. It has also received praise for high availability, uptime, and fault tolerance. HitBTC markets itself as the “most advanced Bitcoin exchange,” and it has a long history, in operation since 2013. HitBTC has the markets you need to trade such currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, and USDT, among others.

How To Use Hitbtc Cryptocurrency Exchange?

On the top right-hand side of their home will be the “Sign up” button. This section is a step-by-step guide to register, deposit funds, and make your first trade.

Major milestone for SaTT as it is listed on the giant HitBTC – Cryptonews

Major milestone for SaTT as it is listed on the giant HitBTC.

Posted: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As per several HitBTC reviews, registering an account with HitBTC is simple and easy, and here are the steps to register on this platform. It has a wide range of cryptocurrencies when compared with other exchanges. One of the major advantages offered by HitBTC exchange is convenience and modern features for their users, like charts, news, current exchange rate, descriptions, transaction history of various assets, etc. HitBTC offers a robust and friendly API, and the traders can use their trading bot that works well with the platform API. We write product reviews and comparison articles in the field of cryptocurrency.

Hitbtc Customer Reviews And Known Issues

It seems a bit odd to me that a company knows there is a technical issue on their side and instead of immediately reimbursing my balance, they just keep me waiting with no access to my funds. First and foremost, while HitBTC has never reported any third-party hacks, it is important to note that there is a significant number of complaints in the public domain about users being hacked.

The completely anonymous nature of their team is another major red flag. They are being accused of freezing accounts – leaving users unable to withdraw funds. This has placed them at loggerheads with influential figures in the crypto space such as Trace Mayer, John McAfee, and Tuur Demeester. Bittrex might be preferable as a platform overall compared to HitBTC, but only for certain traders. Good support and an even better reputation give it an edge over HitBTC.

Fee Tiers

The user can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Aside from Bitcoin, they can trade with some major cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, etc. Also, the user has the option to access altcoins that can develop in the future. If the user wants to trade with HitBTC, they can get a combination of crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto currency pairs. This exchange offers various digital currencies that include some of the most popular and leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc. Founded in 2013 and launched in February 2014, HitBTC is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange specializing in altcoin spot trading.

how to sell on hitbtc

Customer support certainly seems to be the area where the exchange is lacking. If you ever have any doubts about your account security or whether you were hacked, you can also view your latest activity in the “Security” tab. This includes such actions as withdrawing money, enabling or disabling two-factor verification, changing your password, and signing in. You can see your history of trades within a given market by looking at the “My Orders and Trades” section. Transfer of assets to requesting authority/third parties, on specifically provided account – commission fee equal to 5 % of the transferred amount. HitBTC had reportedly been hacked in 2015, even though the exchange divulged no other details at the point and maintained that no user funds were stolen. This means that while HitBTC houses all the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero, it has carved a niche for itself in providing a home to newer cryptocurrencies.

  • After clicking on it you choose the needed currency and click the “Fund” button.
  • Rewarding traders instead of charging them with fees is a very rare feature.
  • The platform was created in 2013 and provides exchange, custodial and other related services.
  • The platform supplies advanced trading feature, a relatively sleek UI and a demo mode for people who aren’t ready to risk real money trading Bitcoin just yet.

Graph displaying the depth of a particular market for a cryptocurrency pair. Yet despite its appeal as a secure technology, HitBTC remains an unregulated exchange at the forefront of the crypto wild west, which raises questions and adds risks to its reliability. As such, it has never been hacked before, or at least haven’t disclosed any such incidents. Some sources claim that HitBTC was hacked in early 2015 together with BTER and Excoin exchanges, though the information hasn’t been confirmed. HitBTC users can make use of trading bots, which work well with the platforms’ robust API.

Jigstack’s STAK Gets Listed on HitBTC – The Daily Hodl

Jigstack’s STAK Gets Listed on HitBTC.

Posted: Thu, 27 May 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As the price reaches the stop price, the order turns into a limit order (so for stop-limit order you should specify both stop and limit prices). FIX API is an electronic trading protocol that allows execution of all possible financial operations with different assets and working with the market data. As you can understand HitBTC incentivizes users to be makers by charging lower fees or even providing rewards instead of fees for those who place new orders. Filling the report is quite simple and will take you few minutes, a reference will be generated and the investigation team will reach you out in few days as confirmed by many traders who filed complains. Signed up and left straight away, nothing attractive alts markets looks like grave yard with absolute zero volume. I’ve recently been victim of HITBTC shady KYC/AML practices so I will describe precisely how this exchange arbitrarily freezes user accounts. Also, as you said, ‘exchanges shut down all of a sudden and claimed that they got hacked’.

Author: David Pan